Monday, April 6, 2009

Prima and Tattered Angels Team Up

I am so excited about this month! Tattered Angels and Prima have teamed up to create some fantastic designs using both companies products. I am a huge fan of Prima, so this was like a dream! My powers of photography are apparently as sad as my powers with the computer so my pics are not the best, but you get the idea. My scanner is having issues right now, but I will post better photos later. I will also post more pics of the other pages of the book later this week. I have yet to figure out how to put captions under my photos so I can give you step by step directions with the picture, so I'll just give you a few tips: The picture of my daughter Hannah with the dandelion was created on two pieces of acrylic: one 8x8 and one 12x12. To get the glimmer mist swirls and vine on the acrylic, I lightly misted the area where I wanted the image. I let it dry completely, then added another layer of glimmer mist. Then, when it was completely dry I layed my glimmer screen over the misted area and dabbed off the glimmer mist around the screen with a slightly damp paper towel. Voila, you are left with the screened image! Acrylic can be tricky, the secret is to LIGHTLY mist onto it and completely let it dry. The colors I used for the acrylic piece are Turqoise, English Ivy, Pink Bubble Gum, and Olive Vine. The flowers started out completely white! Glimmer Mist also works beatifully with the Prima raw lace, which starts out sort of gray, but it takes the Glimmer Mist so well. I love stuff like this that can be customized to whatever color I need. The die cut lacy felt pieces also take the Glimmer Mist Beautifully. For the little book I used the printed cardboard from Prima. It comes 12x12 and I cut it up into 6x6 inch pieces and made a book. The fabulous thing about this is you can make a book with it, and you don't have to fool around with covering the cardboard, it's already done. Love that. Every Monday this month we will be "blog hopping" between the Tattered Angels, and Prima design team blogs. For this Monday here are the links for the other designers for today:
Vicky Chrisman (TA)
Amy Parker (Prima)
Sharon Laakkonen (Prima)And don't forget to check out the Prima site (here)
and the Tattered Angels site here
Be sure to check out the Tattered Angels blog today. Michelle will be giving away something yummy! If you want to ask me about any techniques used in the projects I posted today you can email me at
Have a great day!


Edys Gonçalves said...

Oooowww... absolutely wonderful!!!!!

April said...

I love the display shelf. lol