Friday, December 4, 2009

A little Break in between Christmas Projects...

Yep, we're back to Forks again, lol. Did you really think I would be able to make it all the way through the holiday season without another Twilight project? No, I haven't switched teams, I'm still a Team Edward girl. I made this box for a birthday gift for a friend of a friend, who just happens to be turning 90. She is a Jacob girl. Here is a pic of the box before I added the photos and do-dads.

These boxes start out completely white. I got to use some of my favorite Glimmer Mist colors: Sand, Coffee Shop, and Olive Vine. These colors just scream jacob. I love the way the trees turned out. I used the Lodgepole Pine Glimmer Screen from the Winter Trees set, and Cinder glimmer mist. I sprayed the screens with Cinder, and used the stamping technique to apply the images to the box.

For the hinges on the corners of the lid, I used glimmer chips from the regal embossed collection.

I dabbed them with versamark ink, and then sprinkled and heated copper embossing powder over them. Then I used black acrylic paint and brushed it over the areas which I embossed and then gently rubbed over the embossed areas with a paper towel to remove some of the acrylic paint to give them an aged look. Then I cut the ends off the glimmer chip pieces and attached them to the box with brads.
I also used a collage press stamp for the swirl frame behind the photo on the front. I used versamark ink and copper embossing powder. It's kinda hard to see in this picture cause my lighting isn't so hot, sorry about that.

So there it is, the Jacob box. Now, I can't publish this post without my team being represented, so I am re-posting the pictures of the edward box.

For the Edward box, I painted the whole box first with black acrylic paint. Then after it was dry, I sprayed it with Graphite Glimmer Mist. I also sprayed the black roses with Graphite glimmer mist. The pictures don't do the glimmer justice. This thing sparkles like crazy, just like our favorite vampire. I also used glimmer chips from the regal embossed collection for this box, as well as a regal framed font frame over the latch on the box. So I hope you got your Twilight fix for just a little while. I'm working on some Twilight projects for classes in January, so this is not the end, much to my husbands dissapointment, lol.

Day Three of a Very Vintage Christmas

Whoops! I fell off the wagon and didn't get yesterdays project posted, sorry about that. I'll post two today, I promise! It's no secret that I am wild about Magenta Rubber Stamps, and that is what we will be using for todays project. You are probably going to see a few projects with these same two stamps that I used today because I absolutely love them, can't get enough of them. One is the Winter Angel stamp, #C 95.211.L, and the other is the Music Notes, #C 95.194.M. I have included the item numbers for you in case you would like to purchase them from your local retailer, or online store. They are cling mount stamps so they don't take up a lot of room, and the images are superior in quality. So lets get started!

Supplies you will need:
Two sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 Cream colored cardstock
Cream colored tissue paper with gold metallic flecks
Gold embossing ink(I used Encore by Tsukineko)
Gold Embossing Tinsel ( I used Ranger's)
1 yard white irridescent tinsel ribbon
1 yard bright gold tinsel ribbon
1 yard antique gold tinsel ribbon
Stamps mentioned above
Pop dots

Step one:
Start by cutting a piece of the cream cardstock to 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
fold in half to make your card base.

Step two:
Cut one piece of cream cardstock to 5 1/4"x4"
cover cardstock on one side with liquid glue such as modge podge and lay a larger piece of the tissue paper with gold flecks over the glue. Press tissue into glue, "squishing it" around a little bit to get some wrinkes in it for texture. Set aside and let dry. After it is dry, trim excess tissue paper from edges, and ink edges of piece with gold ink, and set with heat gun.

Step Three:
Ink up your music notes stamp with gold ink and stamp image onto cardstock (I stamp image onto full sheet, then cut it out). Heat set with heat gun. Stamp winter angel image with gold ink onto cardstock, and sprinkle with gold embossing tinsel. Shake excess embossing tinsel off of image, and back into jar. Heat until melted, and let cool. Trim around both stamped images leaving a tiny border of cream cardstock.

Step Four:
Close your card and ink all four sides of front of card with gold ink and heat set.
Adhere piece of cardstock that you glued the tissue paper to, down to front of card, leaving bottom inch unglued.

Step Five:
Adhere Music note stamped image to left side of card at an angle as shown.
Place foam pop dots to back of stamped winter angel image making sure to put a pop dot at each corner of backside of image, and adhere to card, overlapping music notes image. Twist a piece of antique gold tinsel ribbon, and a piece of irridescent tinsel ribbon together (piece should be about 16" long) and wrap around foam dots under angel image and tie in a knot at top right of image, leaving two small tails hanging down. You can trim any excess ribbon. Cut a 6" piece of bright gold tinsel ribbon and wrap it across the bottom of card as shown, tucking a little bit under each side of tissue covered cardstock. Place a glue dot onto card base under tissue covered cardstock at the bottom left and bottom right corders and press tissue covered cardstock, and bright gold tinsel ribbon down into glue dot.

All done! These cards are great if you have a lot of christmas cards to do because they are inexpensive, and can be created in assembly line fashion. It would also look pretty done in silver, and navy blue.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Two of A Very Vintage Christmas

I hope you enjoyed yesterdays project, and remember, I want to see your photos of the projects you make from the instructions I give. I think there could be a prize at the end of the 25 days, so email me those pics at and I will post them to my blog, and you will be entered to win a festive prize. So here is todays project:

A cookie sheet advent calendar!

Here are the supplies you will need:
.Metal cookie sheet (10x15 or larger)
.24 empty match boxes
.8 sheets coordinating scrapbook paper
.24 magnets (i used a frigde checkers set I found at the dollar store)
.two yards each of 4 colors of ribbon to tie on matchboxes
.one yard wide wired ribbon for hanger
.one yard ribbon for covering seam of paper on cookie sheet - I used red velvet ric rac
.four yards of silver or gold thin wired ribbon for tying numbers onto matchboxes
.Jewelry tags for numbers on matchboxes
.Large letters for your title - I used the Quickutz blossom alphabet
.small numbers for matchboxes - I used a squeeze alphabet from Quickutz
.Adhesive-strong fast drying liquid adhesive(I used K&Co Craft bond), or double sided tape like wonder tape, and a xyron x machine
.Stickles in Stardust

Step one: Choose two pieces of patterned paper for your cookie sheet. Cut one sheet to fit the lower portion of cookie sheet, and one for the top portion. Keep in mind that the patterned paper for the top portion should not be too busy, as you will be placing your title over it. Adhere lower portion of paper to cookie sheet first, then top portion, overlapping lower portion slightly. Adhere ribbon over seam of two papers.

Step two: Using your Cropadile, punch a hole in each corner of the top of your cookie sheet. Cut two 1/2 yard pieces of wide wired ribbon and insert one through each hole. Leave a tail on the backside of cookie sheet and tie a knot in the ribbon on the back to keep ribbon from coming through holes all the way. tie a bow in the center.

Step three: Cut 24 pieces of patterned paper, using 6 different patterns to 2 1/4"x5". Adhere paper to matchbox jacket, overlapping paper at the backside. Trim any excess paper from edges. Tie coordinating ribbon around matchbox and knot in center, trimming ribbon if necessary.

Step 4: cut out numbers and adhere to jewelry tags using a xyron x to add adhesive. If you don't have a Xyron, you could use a fine tip glue pen. Add Stardust Stickles to numbers on tags and let dry.

Step 5: run a small piece of silver or gold thin wired ribbon through the jewelry tag, and wrap around knot on ribbon on matchbox.

Step 6: Glue a magnet to backside of each matchbox, let dry.

Step 7: Cut out and adhere letters for your title. Try laying them out on cookie sheet before gluing down to be sure they fit. Apply stardust stickles to each letter and let dry.

Step 8: fill each matchbox with a candy or tiny treasure. Place matchboxes on cookie sheet in numerical order and hang cookie sheet on wall and enjoy! If you have any questions about these projects please email me at and I will get back to you right away.

Now, just to see if you were paying attention: I have a request for you. In the photo below, I have four items labeled 1-4. Take a look at them and leave me a comment letting me know which one you would like to see a project made from for the holidays. I will choose the item with the most votes and will post it on Sunday. And don't wait too long to vote, I need a few days to work on it! Thanks for playing.

1.Paper Mache box
2. Kaisercraft wood tree shaped advent calendar
3. Empty glimmer chips box
4. Metal shadow box

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Very Vintage Christmas

As many of you know, I love vintagy(is that a word?) stuff, so for this Holiday season, I'm going to post a project every day from now until Christmas using vintage images, and stuff from my stash like vintage buttons, tinsel, and all kinds of yummy goodies from my favorite companies. I'll give you directions and a supply list, but I encourage you to use what you have, or your favorites to make the project your own. I am going to try real hard to only use stuff I have on hand. Since my recent move, I realized I have way too much stuff and need to use it or lose it, and we all know how I hate to part with my stuff! So let's get scrappy, and make something. This is a project I created for the Tattered Angels booth at CHA Summer, so I don't have pictures of the process, but you can follow along with the written instructions and refer to the photo.

Supplies needed:
two 12x12 sheets of cream colored cardstock (I used light totally tan from colormates)

1 sheet vintage sheet music or patterned paper with music notes on it cut to 5x11.

2 regal frames from the Tattered Angels Regal Framed fonts

Glimmer chips - 3 embossed corners, and one sleigh from embossed frosty memories glimmer chips set from Tattered Angels.

One yard cream satin ribbon with gold edges

Vintage Images from "Children at Christmas post card book ( I got this at Collective Journey in Redlands)

Glimmer Mist in Red Velvet, Irridescent Gold, Winter Pine (or Forrest Green)

Distress Ink in antique linen, and walnut

Ok, here we go:
Step one: Spray entire piece of 12x12 cardstock with Red Velvet Glimmer Mist. Use a rubber brayer (optional) to move the glimmer mist around page to completely cover cardstock. Dry with heat gun.

Step 2: cut other piece of 12x12 cardstock to 7x9" and spray with winter pine, or forrest green glimmer mist. Use a rubber brayer(optional) to move glimmer mist around cardstock, completely covering it. Dry with heat gun.

Step 3: spray sheet music, glimmer chips, and images with irridescent gold glimmer mist and dry with heat gun.

Step 4: Using antique linen ink pad(you must use a felt ink pad, not foam)rub over top of glimmer chips to highlight embossed areas. Also ink edges of sheet music with antique linen pad. Ink edges of 12x12 page, and green mat with walnut ink.

Step 5: Adhere sheet music to 12x12 page leaving about 1/2" border around top, bottom, and left side of sheet music. Tie ribbon around green mat about 1/2" from left edge and tie in a bow as shown. Adhere green mat to red cardstock page about 1/2" from right side, and 1" from top edge of page, overlapping the sheet music.

Step 6: Adhere Glimmer Chip corners to three corners of green mat and over ribbon as shown (note: Glimmer chips are self adhesive)

Step 7: Adhere full size postcard image to green mat, leaving about 1/2" border around top, right, and bottom of green mat. Adhere sleigh to bottom right corner of page, overlapping postcard image slightly.

Step 8: Remove backing from frames and lightly place over area of image you want to show through frame. Using scissors, cut around and slightly under frame to remove excess portion of image. Adhere frames to page over sheet music as shown.

Step 9: Adhere greeting to lower left corner as shown.

Your all done! Super easy, right? I would love to see your creations. Please email me your take on this project and I will post them to my blog. My email is Enjoy! and I'll see you back tomorrow for another project.