Friday, December 4, 2009

A little Break in between Christmas Projects...

Yep, we're back to Forks again, lol. Did you really think I would be able to make it all the way through the holiday season without another Twilight project? No, I haven't switched teams, I'm still a Team Edward girl. I made this box for a birthday gift for a friend of a friend, who just happens to be turning 90. She is a Jacob girl. Here is a pic of the box before I added the photos and do-dads.

These boxes start out completely white. I got to use some of my favorite Glimmer Mist colors: Sand, Coffee Shop, and Olive Vine. These colors just scream jacob. I love the way the trees turned out. I used the Lodgepole Pine Glimmer Screen from the Winter Trees set, and Cinder glimmer mist. I sprayed the screens with Cinder, and used the stamping technique to apply the images to the box.

For the hinges on the corners of the lid, I used glimmer chips from the regal embossed collection.

I dabbed them with versamark ink, and then sprinkled and heated copper embossing powder over them. Then I used black acrylic paint and brushed it over the areas which I embossed and then gently rubbed over the embossed areas with a paper towel to remove some of the acrylic paint to give them an aged look. Then I cut the ends off the glimmer chip pieces and attached them to the box with brads.
I also used a collage press stamp for the swirl frame behind the photo on the front. I used versamark ink and copper embossing powder. It's kinda hard to see in this picture cause my lighting isn't so hot, sorry about that.

So there it is, the Jacob box. Now, I can't publish this post without my team being represented, so I am re-posting the pictures of the edward box.

For the Edward box, I painted the whole box first with black acrylic paint. Then after it was dry, I sprayed it with Graphite Glimmer Mist. I also sprayed the black roses with Graphite glimmer mist. The pictures don't do the glimmer justice. This thing sparkles like crazy, just like our favorite vampire. I also used glimmer chips from the regal embossed collection for this box, as well as a regal framed font frame over the latch on the box. So I hope you got your Twilight fix for just a little while. I'm working on some Twilight projects for classes in January, so this is not the end, much to my husbands dissapointment, lol.


Stampin Mindy said...

I LOVE These!!!!!!!!! They are beautiful!! I want one LOL!!!! Very creative and inspirational!

inkyheart said...

You are completely amazing, Cheryl.