Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Very Vintage Christmas

As many of you know, I love vintagy(is that a word?) stuff, so for this Holiday season, I'm going to post a project every day from now until Christmas using vintage images, and stuff from my stash like vintage buttons, tinsel, and all kinds of yummy goodies from my favorite companies. I'll give you directions and a supply list, but I encourage you to use what you have, or your favorites to make the project your own. I am going to try real hard to only use stuff I have on hand. Since my recent move, I realized I have way too much stuff and need to use it or lose it, and we all know how I hate to part with my stuff! So let's get scrappy, and make something. This is a project I created for the Tattered Angels booth at CHA Summer, so I don't have pictures of the process, but you can follow along with the written instructions and refer to the photo.

Supplies needed:
two 12x12 sheets of cream colored cardstock (I used light totally tan from colormates)

1 sheet vintage sheet music or patterned paper with music notes on it cut to 5x11.

2 regal frames from the Tattered Angels Regal Framed fonts

Glimmer chips - 3 embossed corners, and one sleigh from embossed frosty memories glimmer chips set from Tattered Angels.

One yard cream satin ribbon with gold edges

Vintage Images from "Children at Christmas post card book ( I got this at Collective Journey in Redlands)

Glimmer Mist in Red Velvet, Irridescent Gold, Winter Pine (or Forrest Green)

Distress Ink in antique linen, and walnut

Ok, here we go:
Step one: Spray entire piece of 12x12 cardstock with Red Velvet Glimmer Mist. Use a rubber brayer (optional) to move the glimmer mist around page to completely cover cardstock. Dry with heat gun.

Step 2: cut other piece of 12x12 cardstock to 7x9" and spray with winter pine, or forrest green glimmer mist. Use a rubber brayer(optional) to move glimmer mist around cardstock, completely covering it. Dry with heat gun.

Step 3: spray sheet music, glimmer chips, and images with irridescent gold glimmer mist and dry with heat gun.

Step 4: Using antique linen ink pad(you must use a felt ink pad, not foam)rub over top of glimmer chips to highlight embossed areas. Also ink edges of sheet music with antique linen pad. Ink edges of 12x12 page, and green mat with walnut ink.

Step 5: Adhere sheet music to 12x12 page leaving about 1/2" border around top, bottom, and left side of sheet music. Tie ribbon around green mat about 1/2" from left edge and tie in a bow as shown. Adhere green mat to red cardstock page about 1/2" from right side, and 1" from top edge of page, overlapping the sheet music.

Step 6: Adhere Glimmer Chip corners to three corners of green mat and over ribbon as shown (note: Glimmer chips are self adhesive)

Step 7: Adhere full size postcard image to green mat, leaving about 1/2" border around top, right, and bottom of green mat. Adhere sleigh to bottom right corner of page, overlapping postcard image slightly.

Step 8: Remove backing from frames and lightly place over area of image you want to show through frame. Using scissors, cut around and slightly under frame to remove excess portion of image. Adhere frames to page over sheet music as shown.

Step 9: Adhere greeting to lower left corner as shown.

Your all done! Super easy, right? I would love to see your creations. Please email me your take on this project and I will post them to my blog. My email is luliscraps@yahoo.com Enjoy! and I'll see you back tomorrow for another project.

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