Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day Two of A Very Vintage Christmas

I hope you enjoyed yesterdays project, and remember, I want to see your photos of the projects you make from the instructions I give. I think there could be a prize at the end of the 25 days, so email me those pics at and I will post them to my blog, and you will be entered to win a festive prize. So here is todays project:

A cookie sheet advent calendar!

Here are the supplies you will need:
.Metal cookie sheet (10x15 or larger)
.24 empty match boxes
.8 sheets coordinating scrapbook paper
.24 magnets (i used a frigde checkers set I found at the dollar store)
.two yards each of 4 colors of ribbon to tie on matchboxes
.one yard wide wired ribbon for hanger
.one yard ribbon for covering seam of paper on cookie sheet - I used red velvet ric rac
.four yards of silver or gold thin wired ribbon for tying numbers onto matchboxes
.Jewelry tags for numbers on matchboxes
.Large letters for your title - I used the Quickutz blossom alphabet
.small numbers for matchboxes - I used a squeeze alphabet from Quickutz
.Adhesive-strong fast drying liquid adhesive(I used K&Co Craft bond), or double sided tape like wonder tape, and a xyron x machine
.Stickles in Stardust

Step one: Choose two pieces of patterned paper for your cookie sheet. Cut one sheet to fit the lower portion of cookie sheet, and one for the top portion. Keep in mind that the patterned paper for the top portion should not be too busy, as you will be placing your title over it. Adhere lower portion of paper to cookie sheet first, then top portion, overlapping lower portion slightly. Adhere ribbon over seam of two papers.

Step two: Using your Cropadile, punch a hole in each corner of the top of your cookie sheet. Cut two 1/2 yard pieces of wide wired ribbon and insert one through each hole. Leave a tail on the backside of cookie sheet and tie a knot in the ribbon on the back to keep ribbon from coming through holes all the way. tie a bow in the center.

Step three: Cut 24 pieces of patterned paper, using 6 different patterns to 2 1/4"x5". Adhere paper to matchbox jacket, overlapping paper at the backside. Trim any excess paper from edges. Tie coordinating ribbon around matchbox and knot in center, trimming ribbon if necessary.

Step 4: cut out numbers and adhere to jewelry tags using a xyron x to add adhesive. If you don't have a Xyron, you could use a fine tip glue pen. Add Stardust Stickles to numbers on tags and let dry.

Step 5: run a small piece of silver or gold thin wired ribbon through the jewelry tag, and wrap around knot on ribbon on matchbox.

Step 6: Glue a magnet to backside of each matchbox, let dry.

Step 7: Cut out and adhere letters for your title. Try laying them out on cookie sheet before gluing down to be sure they fit. Apply stardust stickles to each letter and let dry.

Step 8: fill each matchbox with a candy or tiny treasure. Place matchboxes on cookie sheet in numerical order and hang cookie sheet on wall and enjoy! If you have any questions about these projects please email me at and I will get back to you right away.

Now, just to see if you were paying attention: I have a request for you. In the photo below, I have four items labeled 1-4. Take a look at them and leave me a comment letting me know which one you would like to see a project made from for the holidays. I will choose the item with the most votes and will post it on Sunday. And don't wait too long to vote, I need a few days to work on it! Thanks for playing.

1.Paper Mache box
2. Kaisercraft wood tree shaped advent calendar
3. Empty glimmer chips box
4. Metal shadow box

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lois said...

Cheryl - you are just too cute for words....LOVE the advent calendar!!