Saturday, November 15, 2008

Glimmer Mist New Spring Colors!

Tattered Angels has anounced their new spring colors. If you go to the site at and click on "giveaway" and you can see the new colors - absolutely beautiful of course, as well as enter to win them! I can't wait to get my hands on them!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Okay, okay, really just one more thing...

My friend and co-worker Amber has a blog that you simply must check out. Just looking at it has inspired me to go make something now! She is incredibly talented. Go, go NOW!

One more thing...

One more thing for today. Please leave me some love! I'd love to hear from you so leave a comment please. I love a little chit chat. Thanks

Quite a few words...

On November 10 Jennifer Priest wrote a rather eloquent, and important blog posting called "Quite a few words". As I read this posting I thought I was going to cry! It is basically about the impending extintion of our LSS's if we don't do something now! This is something near and dear to my heart, not just because I am an employee of Scrapbook Blvd. but because I live scrapbooking. It is in my blood, and what will we do if there is no more LSS's? I don't want to blather on too much, but think of a world with only Michaels, JoAnns, and online stores for our scrappy supplies. No personal experience there. No one who knows your name, or your kids names. No one to help you (have you ever tried to ask for help at one of these stores? You know what I'm talkin' about. No one who knows what you like and calls you when your favorite paper comes in. No one to order that paper you need for your invitations or Christmas cards. No crops till midnight! You get the point. Please go to Jennifers blog - Hydrangea Hippo, I have a link to it here on my blog, and take the time to read this post. Hopefully, It will make everyone think about their LSS and realize it doesn't take alot to support these stores, who support us in our art of the heart. Also, I am teaching By the Sea, an acrylic album with a beach theme this Sunday. I still have some spots left, and this will be the last time I teach this class, so If your interested, come in or call Scrapbook Blvd to sign up, I'd love to see you there. That's all for now folks! Have a great day.

Congratulations Scrapbook Blvd!

Scrapbook Blvd. in Victorville, CA aka my home store, my home away from home, was named Tattered Angels store of the month, WhooHoo! This just makes me so happy. If you haven't been to the Blvd, you must go! We (I say we because I work there) have a great selection of Glimmer Mist colors for your glimmering pleasure. All of us Boulevard girls are delighted to give you a demo of the mist and screens, and we have samples, and (here comes the shameless plug) I have glimmer mist classes there regularly. I can still remember the day (here we go with a trip down memory blvd.) Vesta came back from a show where she had been introduced to Glimmer Mist. Knowing my love of all things sparkly, she regaled me with tales of this wonderful new medium, that SPARKLES! I waited in anticipation for this yummy new thing to show up in the store, where is that UPS man! Then It came. Oh happy, happy day. It WAS as wonderful as Vesta said. Oh, I can't wait to play with this stuff! Then came the collecting phase. I have to have every color! We gained more than a few fellow collectors in addition to me(I'm talking to you Lisa, Ruby, Jackie, Ashley, Kim, Gabrielle, and many others, but since turning 40 I have become senile and can't currently come up with your names, but I have a list!). Then came the we must use this on everything phase, which I am still in and have no plans to change that. I'm proud to be an employee of Scrapbook Blvd. as well as a Tattered Angels designer, and endorsed educator(another shameless plug). If you haven't tried Glimmer Mist yet, walk, no, RUN to your nearest Scrapbook store and get some! Also, check out the Tattered Angels site at for some great ideas and tips on how to use it. You will be inspired, I promise!

Class at Pages of Tyme

On Saturday Nov 1 I taught the Fall Nature Glimmer Mist book at Pages of Tyme in Big Bear. These ladies were great! This store is so gorgeous! We had a great time. There is also a quilt store within the scrapbook store, talk about heaven! I don't quilt but I love fabric. Some of the ladies taking the class even found fabric to tear into strips and add to the binding of their books. If you haven't been to the store since they moved into their new location(next door to original location) you really must go see it. I'll be back at Pages of Tyme November 22 for my
Frosty Memories Glimmer Mist book. They have a fabulous selection of Glimmer Mist colors, and accessories.


I love Halloween! This year was a little different for our family. David and I always take the kids together to trick or treat. This year David had to work, my oldest daughter had to work at the football game. She is too old for trick or treating, but she wanted to come with us anyway. Hardly anyone was giving out candy this year so we had to really trek for the kids to get about a quarter of a bag of candy (they were happy with that though). When we got home my two little ones went to a Halloween party, and I was left home alone to watch scary movies by myself, Waaa! It makes me sad that the kids are getting older and our traditions have to change to accomodate this. Anyway, the girls looked great in their costumes and had a lot of fun, and that is whats important.