Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I love Halloween! This year was a little different for our family. David and I always take the kids together to trick or treat. This year David had to work, my oldest daughter had to work at the football game. She is too old for trick or treating, but she wanted to come with us anyway. Hardly anyone was giving out candy this year so we had to really trek for the kids to get about a quarter of a bag of candy (they were happy with that though). When we got home my two little ones went to a Halloween party, and I was left home alone to watch scary movies by myself, Waaa! It makes me sad that the kids are getting older and our traditions have to change to accomodate this. Anyway, the girls looked great in their costumes and had a lot of fun, and that is whats important.

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FancyNancy said...

Your girls look adorable in their costumes. You should have brought them to our place (home) we gave out freshly made glazed donuts, homemade rootbeer, hot cider and their choice of full size candy bars. This year we only had about 177 come. Usually its over 225. But it was raining so what can I say. We would have loved to have them. We have a blast on Halloween and our home is highly decorated for when they come. I'm disappointed they didn't get more.