Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Congratulations Scrapbook Blvd!

Scrapbook Blvd. in Victorville, CA aka my home store, my home away from home, was named Tattered Angels store of the month, WhooHoo! This just makes me so happy. If you haven't been to the Blvd, you must go! We (I say we because I work there) have a great selection of Glimmer Mist colors for your glimmering pleasure. All of us Boulevard girls are delighted to give you a demo of the mist and screens, and we have samples, and (here comes the shameless plug) I have glimmer mist classes there regularly. I can still remember the day (here we go with a trip down memory blvd.) Vesta came back from a show where she had been introduced to Glimmer Mist. Knowing my love of all things sparkly, she regaled me with tales of this wonderful new medium, that SPARKLES! I waited in anticipation for this yummy new thing to show up in the store, where is that UPS man! Then It came. Oh happy, happy day. It WAS as wonderful as Vesta said. Oh, I can't wait to play with this stuff! Then came the collecting phase. I have to have every color! We gained more than a few fellow collectors in addition to me(I'm talking to you Lisa, Ruby, Jackie, Ashley, Kim, Gabrielle, and many others, but since turning 40 I have become senile and can't currently come up with your names, but I have a list!). Then came the we must use this on everything phase, which I am still in and have no plans to change that. I'm proud to be an employee of Scrapbook Blvd. as well as a Tattered Angels designer, and endorsed educator(another shameless plug). If you haven't tried Glimmer Mist yet, walk, no, RUN to your nearest Scrapbook store and get some! Also, check out the Tattered Angels site at for some great ideas and tips on how to use it. You will be inspired, I promise!


lois said...

Cheryl - your work is so inspiring. I cannot WAIT to take your class Sunday. I check your blog every day even if there is no new entry because I see something else in the Nature Book or in one of your other pictures posted that I did not notice before. Thank you for sharing your love of scrapbooking those of use who may not be as creative and talented as you -- you truly inspire us to try.

FancyNancy said...

I ditto everything Lois has said. I too check your blog everyday. Lois said it all "you truly inspire us to try." I wholeheartedly agree. Thank you Cheryl.