Saturday, January 3, 2009

New classes for the New Year

Reflections of Love - This book is perfect to hold those old pictures of ancestors wedding photos. It just begs for black and white or sepia toned photos. You could also use new photos of you and your loved one. This book is a Tattered Angels class kit, so you will get tons of product to create your book. See sidebar on blog for store locations and dates.


Gabrielle said...

Gorgeous! Your the Glimmer Mist Queen! Love it! :)

Nicole said...

Beautiful as always. Hey I have the 3D stickers and those buttons from the Valentines Day line that I didn't end up using, so I was going to return them to the store. I work on Sunday, if you want them do you want me to stick them in a bag for you or just put them back out? Just let me know. Thanks. Have a great day.

Nicole said...

Yes our date was fun. Ok they are the snaps and not buttons. Yes they are the embossed stickers. I am sure I have some pictures of Jacob and Caleb doing boy stuff. How many pictures do you need? I have some of them just playing on their bikes in the backyard too, getting wet and stuff. Just let me know. Oh I was going to tell you too that I have both sticker sheets of BO BUNNY stickers that you can HAVE if you want them. They are from the light blue and brown snow line. I used one long sticker and that is it. I don't usually use them, so I don't know why I bought them before. But I know you have the same line and haven't done your snow layouts yet. So if you want those you can have them. Just let me know.
Have a good day.