Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm goin' in!

Good lord, when, how did this happen? Where do I start? This is the result of too much stuff, not enough room, never enough time. I think it started in October, when the tag swag construction began. Two months of gift making, class preparing, tag swag making, and nowhere near enough time to clean up after myself. I am putting these hideous photos on my blog so I will be held accountable for cleaning this up TODAY! This way I am forced to take "after" photos to post so you all know I am NOT a scrappy pig. Now the cat is out of the bag and the extent of my scrappy hoardiness is out there for the world to see! As you can see, I have a little problem with buttons, ribbon, and flowers(a girl can never have too many flowers, right)? If anyone has any suggestion about what do do with 20 bazzillion idea books, i'd love to hear them. Every year in January I go through the years magazines and tear out the pages I think I may use later, but I can't bear to tear up my books! But seriously, something has to give! Lord, help my hoardie self!


Nicole said...

Looks like lots of fun Cheryl. lol. I hear ya girl. I just rearranged our bedroom yesterday and this FORCED me to have to organize and clean up my desk and in the closet. Good luck with that. I will have to post a picture of how clean my desk is at this moment, because it just doesn't last long.

Gabrielle said...


Looks like my stash! :)

Happy New Year girlie!

scrappinnuts said...

Great Minds think I did the same thing...not finished yet... I would be happy to donate some items to sterling inn. Happy New year! Terry

lois said...

Yikes!!! When did you come into MY scrap room? You're not a scrappy are a collector. I think nearly every scrapbooker's room must look like this (even if they have only a small area).

Happy New Year!!

Jessica at Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I've been perusing through your previous posts, and I have to stop and comment. ;) I think a messy scrap area means there's a busy scrapper in there. I think it's a good sign. You've been creative. I'm so jealous of your button stash! I love, love, love buttons- so much that I contribute to the group Button Floozies.