Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe happy new year. My family and I just spent a quiet night at home. Our tradition is to have family game night on New years eve. I think this is the first year Hannah(my youngest) has stayed up until midnight. She quickly fell asleep right after the countdown. Just watching the Rose Parade on tv right now (while I blog). Ah, memories of the Rose Parade. For those high school friends of mine, you know what I'm talkin' about. Growing up in Monrovia, I spent many New Years eve's at the Rose Parade. Although, usually we were watching from home, in the comfort and warmth after spending the very cold night down there. We lived close enough to go from the parade route to home and not miss any of the parade. Why, you ask would we spend the night at the parade route, and then come home before the parade started? We were teenagers, need I say more? So, is anyone making any resolutions this year? Send me a post of your resolutions, I'd love to read them. My resolution for 2009? Organize and save all my pics that are sitting on my computer to disk. Not to jinx myself, but I just know any day there could be a catastrophic computer issue and I will lose all of my precious photos. Resolution #2 - Get my scrappy room under control. I just realized the other day, I don't have room for one more thing in that room. Not one more sheet of paper, not one more button, not one more yard of ribbon, of course Glimmer Mist is excluded from the "not one more" list, there is always room for more Glimmer Mist. So what will I do? Starting today, that's right TODAY! I will be going through all of my stuff and donating what I'm not going to use to the Sterling Inn, a retirement home here in Victorville, that has a scrapbook program for their residents. If anyone here in the area is interested in donating to the Sterling Inn, email me at and I will take your stuff to them too. I have known for a long time that I need a twelve step program for the hoardy scrapbooker, but just recently it has come to my attention, that if I don't do something about all this stuff, there will be no more new stuff, and we CANNOT have that! Well, that's it for my long winded post. I will be posting pics and schedule of my upcoming classes later today. Check back soon, and I hope to hear from you on my blog!

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