Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last Day at CHA

Well, CHA is over, it always makes me a little sad, because it is such an exciting, inspiring four days. It's like Christmas, you anticipate it for weeks and then when it's over it's kind of a let down. There were so many exciting new products, beautiful product lines, innovative ideas, and just pure creativity for four days. I have to give a holla out to Jennifer Priest. That girl worked tirelessly for four days for Scrapbook Royalty. She was workin' it! On top of having events to attend every night after the show. Jennifer, I hope your at home resting with your feet up right now, you deserve it! I also want to mention Melissa Frances. She was so warm and wonderful when we came to her booth. She showed us around, chatted for a bit, just like we were friends coming to visit her home. She is really a warm, wonderful woman(not to mention talented). Her new products are to die for, and you will be seeing them soon cause I am so planning classes with her new lines. And of course, I cannot forget Tattered Angels. These people are soooo AWESOME! They are the nicest group of people you could meet. I am so proud to design for them. Their booth was just gorgeous! And the new product (coming soon to a store near you) will inspire you to make some fabulous creations. Really everyone was so awesome this year. In many booths the owners and designers were actually working in their booths, not just making a guest appearance, and that really gives you a sense of connection to their products. I am really excited about the Magenta stamps and chipboard shapes and OMG, their spring line of papers is BEE-U-T-F-U-L! I am also going to be doing some classes with these lines as well. Basic Grey as always has raised the bar with their new lines - Marakech, Porcelain, Wisteria, and my favorite Lime Rickey. The matching possiblilities with these lines and glimmer mist make me giddy. Teresa Collins has some great new lines coming out, my personal favorite is the pink one(my brain is still fried, and I can't remember the name). Chatterbox has some very cool new scrappy home decor goodies, and of course 7 gypsies release is so hip! Then there is Prima, need I say more? I want everything, all of it, dee-licious! No one does flowers like prima. Donna Salazar and Leah Fung have come up with a great new class concept I think you all will love, and Donna, well, the creativity just radiates from that girl! I got to meet Lauren Fergusen, a fellow Tattered Angels designer, yes she is the one who challenged Paris to a glue stick smack down! I also met Sally Lynn MacDonald yesterday at the TA booth, another incredibly talented designer. The list goes on and on... so I wont bore you with that, just enjoy the pics of the new stuff! I didn't take too many photos yesterday cause we were short on time to see what we needed to see, but for more CHA photos check out Jennifers blog(I have a link here on my blog) She took around 600 photos. I have a couple new Tattered Angels classes I'm working on for you for the spring, so I've got to get to work now.


lois said...

I know you are resting now or getting ready for a new class or something new to tease us with...but thank you for taking time to share with those of us who cannot attend. Here you are at a great event and you still take the time to share with us. I cannot wait to see your new classes!!!

Jennifer Priest said...

OMG I love all the pics you got. I didn't even see that stuff! Can't wait to scrap with you tomorrow night.

Far North said...

So many pics! are terrific!
Thanks ever so much for sharing!