Friday, June 19, 2009

Fathers Day Project, proof that glimmer mist is not just for girls...

Yep, I've heard it before. I can't use glimmer mist cause I have all boys. Well here is a project to prove that you can! It's all in the color selection. Believe me, my husband is no stranger to glitter. He's been dealing with the sparkly stuff for almost 18 years. Regardless, he still would probably not appreciate a glittery froufrou thing for Fathers Day, so I created this box for him using glimmer mist. It has a shimmer to it, but nothing to stop the heart of a non-sparkly lovin' man.
If you want to make one of this little beauties for your father or your man for Fathers Day, I have posted directions and materials on the Tattered Angels Blog at
I would like to send out a Happy Fathers Day wish to all those Dad's out there, and to say that the more glitter you can endure, the more man you are!

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Gabrielle said...

OH MY! This is stunning Cheryl! You should teach this! WOW! LOVE IT! :)