Monday, December 8, 2008

Give Thanks

This year for Thanksgiving we went to Davids Mom and Grandma's house. His brothers came down from Northern California with their families, and his cousin and Uncle came also. This year it doesn't seem like there is alot to be thankful for with everything so tough for everyone, but we should be thankful for the family that we get to spend time with, whether immediate, or extended. My parents are both gone, so every minute spent with family is precious. You never know when a holiday may be someones last. David's Grandma celebrated her 93 Thanksgiving this year. Wish David's brother Steve, and his wife Laura could have been there too. They live in Michigan, so it is hard for them to come visit often. My girls just love their Uncle Steve and Aunt Laura and they were missed. Oh yeah, did I mention David's mom made us do karaoke? Need I say more?

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Nicole said...

Hey good to see you are alive and well there Mrs. Cheryl. I totally know what you mean about family time. You don't ever know. Check out my blog I have a glimmer mist project I did on there. Thanks alot for getting me hooked on that stuff. It is all good though.